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Sat: Rome July 31 88.

On Sunday the 25th Instant. being Saint James's day
began the Public Recitings here which lasted 3 dayes, for
the Birth of the Prince of Wales. First of all, was a Capella
of eighteen Cardinals who assisted at high Mass, and Te Deum
perform'd, with the choicest music and voices att the English
Church, which was most richly adorn'd with Cloth of Gold-Hangings
belonging to Cardinal Barberini.

His Emminence of Norfolke expresst himself very
particularly on this Occasion, having still all the Windows
of his Palace plentifully illuminated, with white-wax Torches.
and a fine Fountaine erected, with the King's Arms, and
other Ornaments over it, which was from Time to Time supply'd
with wine in the Piazza too over against him a whole Ox
was ordered to be roasted and distributed, a very good
Consort of Trumpets and Kettle-Drum attended like wise
nor wanted there any thing proper and usuall on such

Sr Rich. Bulstrode

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