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Sr. John Lytrolt his Majestys Agent had also the Faciata
of all his Appartments illuminated with white wax Torches &
renewed each night, and Over his Gate a large Picture
in which was represented the Prince of Wales with various
Triumphs, Devices & Ornaments proper for the Occasion,
together with the Pope's, King's and Queen's Pictures, the
whole being adorn'd, with Festons of silk &ca and sett
all about too with white wax Torches. among his neighbour
=hood were distributed eleven-hundred Lantorns, with the
King's Arms, which all the 3 nights were supply'd a new
with as many Lights, and the first night, a whole Ox
by his Appointment was roasted att the end of the Street
on Trinità de' Monti, over against which a Fountain of wine
ran all the while, which the two following nights was
removed, and sett vpp before his Gate. Dureing the
whole he caused too 700 Mortaletti to be fir'd still att
the Royall Healths and Salutes to his friends who came


to congratulat with him, for within Doores, likewise were
constantly Tables spread, with variety of choice wines,
Coole-waters, and other Provisions suitable to the
Company that enter'd, nine Trumpets and Kettle Drum
attended also constantly in his middle Appartment besides
Suitzers and other Drums and Flutes, who went to an
againe in the Street, during the whole Function.

The Palaces of Este, Medici, Altieri, Barberini
the Great Duke's and Bracciano's were also illuminated
with white wax Torches. The Ambassadr of Malta, Monsignr
Caparara, the Resident of Savoy, the Agents of
Bavary, Newburg, and Parma, put forth likewise Torches
the like did Mr Panton, and the English Consul, as
also the English, Scotch, and Irish Colleges, and each
proportionably, agreat Multitude of others according
to theire abilities set out Lantorns.
[In pencil at bottom:]
Misc MS 387

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