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Remarks on board Friday the 27th of Sept
1822. These 24 hours Commences with a
fresh breeze from the northward and
eastward. At 10 we finnished trying.
The wind breezes very fast we double reeft
the fore main and mizen topsails. At 11 took
in the jib and spanker and mizen topsail
and at 6 took in the fore topsail. At day
light called all hands and ?cloos reeft the
main topsail and hauled up the foresail
and then begun for Cooper the oil and
put it between decks and then took in the
foresail and put three hogsheads on the weather
side of the deck and then scraped off the decks
and then went all below but the watch
it rains some and the wind blows very hard.
93 Days out.

Remarks on board Saturday the 28th. These
24 hours Commences with a gale of wind. We
had a sea board and knocked out the
waist boat and knocked the waist boat
of the ?ranes. All hands were called to get
it to its place and then we hoisted the
Capt. boat up for there is a vry bad
sea. The cook fell in the lea scuppers
and hurt him so that he can't attend
to his office. 94 Days out.

Remarks on board Sunday the 29th. These 24 hours
Commences with a heavy gale. One ship on
our weather quarter and another on our
weather bow. 95 Days out

Remarks on board Monday the 30th. These 24
hours Commences with more moderate weather
at 8. All hands were called and then begun
for to brake out the fore hole for to stow
down the oil. We then hoisted it out from
below decks and coopered it. Sent it below.
Four ships in site.
96 Days out

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