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and another on our lea bow. At 10 we
saw some whale to the leaward. We lowered
the and gave chase and a while we came
up with them and Mr. Jones struck and
it is very ragged weather. The whale brought
to but they squermed about so that it took
us some time before we could get any of them
sunk to spurt blood but after a while we
got three of them a spouting blood. We
struck one of them and soon turned her
up and Mr. Jones got his turned up and begun
for to tow our whale sunk and we
went on board and got the husser
and carried it to Mr. Jones and put
it on the whale and took it along
side of the shipand begun for to cut
but it was so rugged we could do nothing
with it so we ?wove ship and the whale went
went under the ship and came up the
other side. We the ?then ?then had to
take the flook rope and carry it round
the stern and the whale back again
and then we ?wove ship again and hooked
on them. We was a going to war again but the
flook rope parted and we did not ?wave.
We then took both ends of the flook rope
and bent on and let it lay along side
all night. 90 Days out.

Remarks on board Wednesday the 25th. These
24 hours Commences with fresh breeze. We
spoke the Victory of New Bedford. She had
nothing and two sails to the leaward. The
weather more moderate. We got our whale
in after awhile and made sail and begun
for to try. 91 Days out.

Remarks on board Thursday the 26th. These
24 hours Commences with light winds
and calms. The watch employed in trying
a ship to the leaward.
92 Days out

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