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63 Cloudy, high wind S.W.
Mon. Jan. 12, 1885

Last night it was terribly
stormy. blowing with great
violence & raining hard
at intervals throughout the
entire night. I slept none
until day light. but after
break fast I slept until near dinner time. After
dinner I walked up to the store & toll house. Jno.
Henry Wilson here after
dark for advice &c. for
his wife - I drove around
to Columbus Warfield's
& prescribed for his wife
again. After tea Charley
went to a meeting of the
"Sociable" at Robt Stabler's.
home in good time.

30 Cloudy
Tues. Jan. 13, 1885

Weather much cooler, the
ground being frozen.
John & I changed the old
phaeton body on to the running-gear
again, instead of the
carriage body. Afternoon
Frederic Stabler called and
paid his bill to date.
Children all at home this
evening - much to my satesfaction.

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