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3 Bears

lost nothing about this camp. There for they were
rapidly leaving to the East along the beach. Crawford
and Galle imediatly followed and it is now
11 P.M. and they have not returned. The remaining
three of us are about to turn in so I will relate
their experiences in tomorrows entry. The woman
has had several crying spells today and tells us
that she was warned in Nome by a fortune-teller
who told her to be careful of [firs] and Knives.
We all have a great deal of use for Knives and
she seeing us use them, and believing the
fiction told her by the fortune teller is freight-
ened stiff. A few minutes ago she asked me
to get my rifle ready, and when she sleeps to
kill her. In the next breath she asks us to
save her life and not let anyone harm her. This
happens half a dozen times a day. The main
trouble seems to be an infatuation for Crawford.
She want him to marry her and says hysterically
that she would die for him. We treat her
as nice as can be and one minute her
spells look like sham and the next minute
real. Light breeze from the N.W. Cloudy.
Surf rising. Scattering cakes of ice. Later
the boys arrived at 12 midnight reporting that they
had been to the East 15 miles and apparently Roger's
. the killed a female bear the two cubs
the reason that they were so late getting home

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