Galle, Milton Harvey Robert, 1902-1923



Milton Galle was an assistant on the 1921 Wrangel Island Expedition. He was the youngest member, only age 19 at its start. Born Milton Harvey Robert Galle, he was raised in New Braunfels, Texas, where he first met Stefansson during a Chautauqua circuit. He went on to tour with Chautauqua; a week into the 1921 tour, he received orders to return to New Braunfels and become Stefansson’s secretary. Maurer and Knight (who met Galle during the 1921 Chautauqua circuit) had taken a liking to Galle, and told Stefansson they wanted him to come along for the next Arctic expedition. Stefansson was initially hesitant to let him join, but eventually agreed to let Galle go on the terms that he would not receive a salary, only earning a percentage of the money from furs he managed to bring back. On January 28, 1923, Milton, along with Maurer and Crawford, tried to cross the frozen Chukchi Sea to Siberia and travel some 90 miles to get help; they were never seen again.

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