Fimbristylis Autumnalis Roemer & Schultes p. 172




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[S2 Style 3-cleft, achenium triangular]

[42] 48 Fimbristylis Autumnalis Roemer & Schultes.

Syn. Scirpus autumnalis Linn. [Trich] S. mucronatus Michx. F. Michauxi, Pers. Trichelostylis mucronatus Torr.

Leaves flat, very acute, smooth; umbel compound or decompound, spreading; involucre 2 or 3-leaved, shorter than the umbel; spikes oblong, acute, single or 2 or three together, mostly at the extremity of the rays; scales ovate-lanceolate mucronate, the points a little spreading; stamens 2 or 3; style 3-cleft separating with the bulbous base; achenium broadly obovate-triangular, smooth or minutely serracose, convex on the sides, the angles margined. Culms 4 to 12 inches high, flar, often diffusely spreading. Flowers in August.

Muddy ground, and bays. Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Plate I fig 16. a, Head of spikes; b, a spike; c, the scale; d achenium and pistil.

Extends east to Massaachusetts, and south to Florida.


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