Fimbristylis Spadicea Vahl, p. 171




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[S1. Styles 2-cleft, achenium lenticular]

42 Fimbristylis Spadicea Vahl.

Syn. F. cylindracea Vahl. Scirpus spadicea Linn S. pubernulus Michx.

Leaves chiefly from the base rigid, channelled-convolute [ao] filiform, smooth; umbel of few rays simple or compound, the rays very unequal, erect-spreading; involucre of 2 or 3 awl-shaped leaces, mostly shorter than the umbel; spikes ovate oblong becoming cylindrical (dark chestnut colored); scales rigid, broadly ovate, obtuse, very closely imbricated; Stamen 3; style 2-cleft, the bulbous base; achenium [crossed out], minutely striate, and impressed=dotted, obovate, unequally biconvex. Culms 1 to 3 feet high, strong and rigid, naked above.

Salt marshes of the sea coast-Found also in Illinois and Michigan.
Extends eastward to N. York, and south to Florida.

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