Fimbristylis Capillaris Gray, p. 173




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[45] 44 Fimbristylis Capillaris Gray.

Syn. Scirpus capillaris Linn. S. Muhlenbergii, Spring. Isolepis capillaris Roem. & Schultes.

Leaves mostly radical, setaceous [bristle] serrulate-ciliate, much shorter than the culms; sheaths hairy at the throat; umbel compound or cymose-panicaled; involucre 2 or 3 leaved; spikes usually 4, ovoid-oblong, terminal, on short rays; scales oblong, obtuse, slightly pubescent; stamens 2; styles 3-cleft slender, the base bulbous; achenium triangular, very obtuse, minutely corrugated transversely, tipped with the minute, depressed bulb, which is more persistent than the rest of the style. Culm 3 to 8 inches high, capillary, densely tufted. Flowers in August.

Sandy fields.-Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. Extends to the southern states.

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