Cyperus Repens Elliot, p. 126




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7 Cyperus repens, Elliott.

Syn. C. phymatodes, Muhl. C. tuberosus Ph.

Umbel mostly simple, 4 to 6-rayed; spikes 10 to
20 on each ray, loosely spreading, the lower sometimes
compound, linear, compressed, 12 to 30 flowered, obtuse;
scales oblong, obtuse, straw-colored, slightly mucronate
scarious on the margin, straw colored; achenium
oblong; style cleft about half way down. Culm
1 to 2 feet high, rather stout; rhizoma creeping
extensively, tuberous. Flowers in August.

Moist sandy places. Found in Illinois, Indiana,
Ohio, and Michigan. Extends eastward to Vermont
and south to Florida.

A very troublesome weed, on account of its
numerous running root-stalks, and little tubers,
by means of which it multiplies rapidly, every
fragment of the root soon becoming a new
plant ready to fill the ground with a new
set of roots and tubers.

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