Cyperus Strigosus Linnaeous, p. 125




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6 Cyperus strigosus, Linnaeus

Syn. C. Enslenii, Ph.

Stamens 3; umbel simple or compound,
many rayed, the rays elongated; spikes linear-
lanceolate, flat very numerous; joints of the rachis
slender, with a narrow margin; scales oblong-
lanceolate, strongly nerved, sub-acute; achenium
triangular-oblong. Culms to 3 feet high,
triangular; root tuberous. Flowers in August

Wet grounds, especially about springs
and the margins of small lakes and ponds. From
Milwaukee to the western limits of the state
of Wisconsin; also in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and

Plate I fig 1. a. spike
b. The stamens & pistil
c. scale
d. achenium.

Extends south to Florida

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