Cyperus Michauxianus Schultes, p. 124




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5 Cyperus Michauxianus Schultes.

Syn. C. strigosus Lam. (not of Linn). C. erithrorhizus Torr. (not of Muhl)

Umbel compound, the rays numerous, short;
spikes very numerous and crowded, linear, 6 to 8 flowered, terete when mature; rachis very broad, with winged,
scaly margins, easily separating at the joints; scales
ovate, obtusish; achenium ovate partly inclosed in
the rachis scales. Culms 8 to 15 inches high, stout
acutely triangular; spikes yellowish-brown. Flowers in August

Borders of marshes; Ban Lake, Dane County, Wisconsin; also in Illinois and Southern Indiana.

Plate I fig 4 -- a the spike
b achenium & pistil

This species is common on the salt
marshes of the Atlantic coast.

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