Cyperus Schweinitzii Torrey, p. 127




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8 Cyperus Schweinitzii, Torrey

Syn. C. alterniflorus Schw (not of R Brown.

Umbels simple, 4 to 8 rayed; spikes erect
linear, crowded at the upper part of the rays which are
mostly elongated; scales ovate, many nerved, awl-pointed,
scarcely longer than the ovate triangular nut; style
3 cleft nearly to the base. Culms 1 to 2 feet
high, rough on the angles. Flowers in August.

Sandy ridges, and lake beaches. Mouth
of the St Louis river (Mr J. E. McMullen) and on
the St Croix (Dr C. C. Parry) in Wisconsin; also in
Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. Extends eastward
to N. York.

Plate I fig 2. a. the spike
b. stamen & pistil
c. the scale
d. achenium & stigmas

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