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Secretary Marine Department Board of Trade London
2 Aug 1856
Annexed is a letter from Mr. James Stephenson of Bridlington
Quay. Son and Executor of Mr Stephenson late Receiver of Wreck
for the Bridlington District [furnishing] a statement of his Fathers
account in respect of Wreck not [disposed] of at the time of his [decease]
I took charge of the Bridlington district as Receiver of Wreck
on the 1st October 1855 at which time Mr Stephenson handed over to
my charge [sundry] parcels of Wreck which were lying on different
parts of the Coast, as well also certain [Anchors], chains etc. lying
in the [admiralty] yard at the Bridlington Quay, all of which have since
been sold and an account thereof forwarded with my letter of 31st [ulto].
In the account annexed Mr Stephenson claims credit for
the respective sums of £5.3.0 and £5.0.0 the first item in
respect of Cartage & labour per annexed statement which has been
charged in column 16 of Copy of Report Book marked "Late Receivers
Account" againsr each article the numbers of which are set out in the
first column, and with respect to Rent £5. that is the annual
amount hitherto paid to Mr Stepehenson's Father. The Board of
Trade having become tenants in his rooms at the same rate as will
be seen by the annexed paper. The Anchors and Chains secured
therein being charged on delivery up to Owner, or on Sale. at the rate
of 2/2 per [cut]. per annum such deduction has been made from
the proceeds of the sale of the Anchor, Chains etc desposed of on the
11th [ulto]. and also taken credit for in column 16, consequently
Mr Stephenson is entitled to the allowances of those two sums in
his account. And with resoect to the sum of £12.17.4 commission
[craved] by Mr Stepehnson that amount is [shewn] in column 15. of
the Report Book in respect Wreck, Anchor etc sold by me but
[first] taken charge of by his late Father and may possibly be
deemed by the Board of Trade as belonging to his Fathers Estate.
In the Report Book it will be seen that many articles of
Wreck are without charge against them, those are articles that
were desposed of by the late Mr Stepehenson or Agents for Lords of
[Manors] and the [salvors] duly satisfied by them. I have charged
myself with £15.12.10 1/2 with which Mr Stephenson debits himself
in his account.


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