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operation. where some inaccuracies arose
in filling up forms [etc] - I therefore request
this explanation may be taken in respect
of No 103

Secretary Marine Department Board Trade London
31 July 1856
Herewith you will receive my
accounts for the Quarter ended 30th. [Ultimo]
together with an account of the sale of wreck
left by Mr. Stephenson - [late] Receiver of this
district - In the [disposal] of the several
lots; the [auctioneers] so mixed the articles
left by Mr. Stephenson with those which
have come on shore since [my] appointment
that one account could not be forwarded
without the other which will explain the
delay that has taken place in their transmission
In Mr. [Marshalls] account of sale by auction
which accompanies my account
the number in the Report Book is
marked 6: 16 refer to my wreck account
Those marked S to the account of the late
Mr. Stephenson - The [auctioneers] expenses
of sale - postage [etc] have been carefully
apportioned to each article of wreck according
to its value - opposite the wreck in Mr.
Stephenson's account where no [commission]
[etc] is [shown] - the salvage and expences
were paid and the net [proceeds] alone
handed to me.

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