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the matter, - you will see by the GO 106/1853 =[?]
mentd. that when any of your establishment
are in the district -- I am powerless to nominate
any other party.--I am therefore of opinion you
had better bring the subject under notice of the A Genl
& point out how incompatible it will be with Mr.
Shacklocks other duties -- & if you like so to do --
name some on as a proper person to undertake
the duties. --


Metcalfe Capt - Bridr

12 Octr. 1855

Sir --

Annexed I beg to send you a
Notice of the intinded Sale of the Wreck of the
French Vessel "Freres Unis", at great bowder
of which I have apprized Lt Stewart-


Metcalfe Capt Bridr

12 Octr. 1855


I beg to acknowledge the receipt of
your letter of the 12th. Inst -- drawing my attention
to the 439 sec of M S. Act 1854 -- & in reply to
acquaint you that I am fully aware of its
provisions -- that in carrying out that Act I am
guided by instructions contained in a G. O. 106/1855 -
which prevent me from nominating a deputy
at a place where an officer of the C. Gd is stationed


2 Stamps are enclosed - My former letter was
inadvertently posted without being stamped


Whiteiny Geo - Bridr

12 Octr. 1855

Sir -

in reply to your letter of the 13th inst
annexed you will receive a noticed of sale of
the wreck of the French Vessel "Freres Unis,"
stranded at bowder--
Mr. J. H. Dutchman of this place will attend

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