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at Bridlington I have written him a note
saying I cannot comply with his request
I did not mention your name, but
should you know the applicant, Mr.
, you will probably have the goodness
to explain that by the 445 Sec of the M.S. Act
1854 & paragraph 12 of the Instructions supplied
with G O 106/1855, I have no power to nominate
a Deputy where there is a Customs or Coast
Guard establisment

see G O 106/1855

"The C&C however at those Ports within
which there are outlying places having
neither officers of the Customs nor Coast Guard
stationed thereat,
And with respect to which
Districts special directions may be needed, are
to submit forthwith such arrangement
as may be desirable for the performance of the
duties prescribed by the Act & the Instructions above

You will therefore perceive that yo were
your establishment not at Bridlington I
should have to go to the Board on the matter

Be so good as to return Mr. Whitings letter

Metcalf Captn.

12 Oct 1855


I herewith send you another letter
I have received from Mr. Whiteing on the subject
of being my deputy Wrecker at Bridlington, to whom
I have replied that, with reference to my Instructions contained in G. O. 106/1855
I have no power to comply with his request when offrs. of
the Coast G. are in the neigbourhood

With respect to that part of your letter
received this morning with reference to Mr.
objections to have anything to do

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