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as Auctioneer on the occasion - & I will thank you to
attend on my part & report the result -


Lt. Stewart R L Hornsea

15 Oct. 1855

Sir -

Annexed I beg to forward for your
Information a copy of my appointment
to the office of Receiver of Wreck, for so much
of this Port as lies between Spurn Point &
Flambro Head in the room of Mr Stephenson
lately deceased - & will thank you to cause to be
sent to me the necessary Books & Forms -
appertaining to the duties of the office -

I have already been supplied with
10 sheets of form "Claim to Wreck or other property",
marked Wm 13-


Sect Marine Deptmt
Board of Trade London

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18th. Oct 1855

My D. Sir -

I am directed by the Board of Trade to
call upon the representatives of the late Mr Stephenson
for all Books of Accounts Papers, Forms - &c that
he had in his possession appertaining to the office he
held as receiver of Droits.

Will you have the goodness to make inquiry
& inform me, - who I am to address on the subject


Capt Metcalfe R.N.

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20th. Oct. 1855

Sir -

I am directed by the Board of Trade to
apply to you as Representative of the late Mr
Mr John Stephenson of Bridlington Quay, for all
Books of account, papers Forms & stores of
Wreckes property formerly in his possession as
receiver of Droits & also for whatever balance of Cash
may appear due from his estate in respect of such receivership
which I will thank you to furnish
me with as early as possible -


Mr Stephenson - Representative of
Mr John Stephenson
Bridlington Quay

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