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Oct. 12th - 15th.

were quite interesting, however. We also saw those of the Belgian towns which have been utterly destroyed. The Germans did not look such fiends as their actions indicate, but the army in Brussels has been quite well behaved I believe. In the aft. I met Mrs Henderson just outside here & went with her to a service in the Horseshow Building for the Home Guard. Mary & Alec were with us. It was an interesting service & quite stirring but too much speechifying from various persons. The hymns were "Oh God our Help in Ages Past", "Soldiers of Christ Arise" & also "Oh Canada" God Save the King of course. The "Guard" must be 700 or 800 strong at least. Mrs. Ritchie & Mrs Hutcheson are in it. Went to the Hendersons to tea.

Mon. 12th. Busy morning of course - Went to [Rolly's?] to tea. It was very pleasant. Her husband & brother were there (also Miss Campbell) & Mrs [unclear] [Mr?] [Elkins?] & [his?] [unclear] came in. Jim came in to see me in the eve. & we played [unclear]. [unclear] came in after he left. Thanksgiving Day.

Tues. 13th. Went with Mrs Henderson to call on Mrs Wright in Kitselano in the aft. - had tea there. Mrs [unclear] Smith and a Miss [unclear] were there. When I got back I went to call on Mrs Rogers & Miss Angus but the latter had returned to Victoria. Miss [unclear] told me all about Valcartier which was most interesting of course. Went over to the [unclear] in the eve. Sadie was there & told my fortune.

Wed. 14th. Washed some things in the A.M. Went to a tea in aid of the Belgians at Mrs Bauer's in the aft. [Rolly?] came with me. We took something. I took a little Indian "papoose" basket which was [unclear] so it was a sort of bag [unclear]. Washed the dinner dishes. Was very tired so turned in early.

Thurs. 15th. Lovely warm fine day - just like summer. The Canadians have arrived in Plymouth. Hope Bertie & Jack are with [unclear] & that Dorothy was able to see them. It was rumoured that Canadian troops had landed [before?]. If only Gram could have seen her grandsons returning to her old hometown with such a fine regiment. Spent part of the morning ironing & mending a [unclear] to wear

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