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Oct. 8th - 11th 1914

condition. Refugees are [crowding?] to England by the thousands. Re'cd a large picture of Col. [unclear] & officers at Valcartier.

Thurs. 8th. Went in town in the A.M. Took some papers to Miss Burrows. Walked home & called for the [unclear] at Miss Manuel's little school. ([unclear] still has a cold). Sat out on the verandah & did some mending after lunch. Then after a nap & tea went out & got some gasoline & cleaned some gloves. Antwerp is hard pressed by the Germans. Hope & pray it won't fall. The Canadian troops have arrived in England. In fact some of them have been there for some time but the censor would not let us know. Wrote Jack [unclear] in the eve. The [unclear] was at [unclear].

Fri. 9th. Wrote for a while in the A.M. & was busy as usual. Went to a meeting of our Chapter in the aft. It was held at the Seymour's this time. Mrs. [Furgeson?] ([unclear] Duchesney) who is back in town came home to tea with me. Mrs. [unclear] & Mrs [Godson?] were here also discussing advisability of forming a "[unclear] Chapter". is at any rate a military one to make keeping the soldiers & their families [unclear] [unclear] [unclear]. Miss Walker came in in the eve. I washed my hair & she very kindly rubbed it dry for me by the drawing room fire. Also did a little mending. I saw Mary Rogers at the Meeting. She had been to Valcartier & had had tea with Bertie. She says they all seem happy & look 20 years younger! had [unclear]

Sat. 10th. Quite a wet morning but fine in the aft. Went in town both before & after lunch as I bought a pair of silk stockings which were too large & had to be changed, [unclear]. Also got samples for a kilt. Was going out to the Naval Station with magazines but Dorothy [unclear] was not feeling fit & she was to bring her car. Looked after the baby & read after tea. Finished a letter to Bertie in the [unclear]. Antwerp has fallen I am sorry to say but it was probably a wise move to evacuate as most of the army has escaped. 2000 British Marines were cornered, however, & interned in Holland.

Sun. 11th. The [Muirs?] called about 11 & said there were some pictures of the Germans [unclear] Brussels etc. to be shown at the Dominion this morning & asked us if we would like to go to see them which we did. They could not put them on at a real show as it would probably create a disturbance. The pictures

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