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Oct. 2nd - 7th

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Plummer, Miss [unclear] [unclear], Miss Boulter & Miss Crosbie were here to tea. Wrote Auntie in the eve.

Frid. 2nd. Beautiful day. Did not feel quite up to the mark. Did some sewing. Miss Manuel came in in the aft. Took her with me to Miss Hill's to dinner. I had promised to spend the night with Miss H. as Mrs Nelson was away. Began knitting a pair of grey socks for the soldiers after dinner. Miss Hill put the stitches in & showed me how to "pearl" but I gave them to Miss Manuel to do as I was afraid I would not do them well enough since it was a first attempt.

Sat. 3rd. Had breakfast in bed - then went [unclear] Miss [unclear] for a while. Read the papers to myself & Miss Hill after I was dressed. Came home before lunch. Read, did a little ironing & sewing, looked after John etc. in the aft. [unclear] is in bed with a cold. News from the front continues "satisfactory". Fine weather in the aft.

Sun. 4th. Went to Communion Service. Read the papers to [unclear].

Mon. 5th. Busy morning & aft. Mr. [unclear] came in in the eve. [unclear] & [Digby?] were out at [unclear] but we turned on the gramaphone & danced. Jim was in [unclear] [unclear] [unclear] to borrow some candelabra for his [unclear].

Tues. 6th. Card from Bertie dated the 30th from Quebec so [unclear] had just then sailed. He is on the 'Audania" - Canard Line. Took [unclear] & Miss Campbell to a musicale at Mrs [unclear]'s. I helped [pass?] [unclear] the tea [unclear]. Walked home with Mrs [Cowan?]. Took Miss [unclear] to the Dominion in the eve. Very good gazette showing the landing of the British troops in France, the Canadians at Valcartier etc. Beautiful weather.

Wed. 7th. Another beautiful day. Went to the dentist in the A.M. then to the P.O. & then went to see Miss Crosbie at the Can. Handicraft [unclear]. Stayed there some time & she showed me all sorts of pretty & interesting things. Stopped at the [Seymours?] on the way home (walked). Mrs Hutchison came in [unclear] in the aft. Sat on the verandah & sewed while John was in his "pen" after lunch. Washed the dinner dishes & turned in quite early. Mrs Hope rang up & asked me to take part in a vaudeville entertainment she & Mrs [unclear] are getting up in aid of the Belgians. Poor Belgians! The country is overun with Germans & the people are driven from their homes & are in a [unclear].

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