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Oct. 16th - 20th

to dancing class which we had a 2:30 P.M. All the girls except Anita [unclear] were there i.e. Mary [unclear], Mary Rogers, K. Watson, Drysdale, Margaret Bryan, [unclear] Lockwood & myself. We practised the foursome & eightsome to the pipe major's [blowing?]. Mrs John Hope was there too. Went in to the Ritchie's on the way home. Mrs R. has lent me a Royal Stewart plaid to wear & may have a kilt - Mrs Macdonald & Mrs Rowley were there.

Frid. 16th. Busy day. Did [unclear]. Mended etc. - wrote Jack. Had also the dancing class.

Sat. 17th. Went over to Mrs Cowan's & got some mags to take out to Siwash Rock. She gave me a snapshot of a group at Cowan's Point. The four girls who are taking the [unclear] of [unclear] - i.e. Mary [unclear], Anita Bell-Irving (her sister Mary came with her, Mary [unclear], Kathleen Watson & Mary [unclear] (who came late). Came up in the aft. & we practised the foursome. I got [Kirk?] to help. They all stayed to tea. Read the papers & turned in fairly early in the eve.

Sun. 18th. Margie & I went to Church in the A.M. Afterwards went around to [Rolly's?] & got some mags. - also stopped [unclear] at the Langleys for a few minutes. Spent most of the aft. tidying up the sewing room for Miss Barclay. M. & Digby were out in the eve. [Rolly?] [unclear] asked me to supper but I couldn't go. Sorted papers & read them. Rainy day.

Mon. 19th. Miss Barclay here making me a velvet jacket & altering the kilt I borrowed from the Rogers. Had a perfectly wild day - [telephoning?] about tickets, kilts, etc. Mrs Brown (late of Londonderry) was here in the aft. So nice to see her again. Miss B. stayed late sewing & then we had a dance in the hall!

Tues. 20th. Felt tired after yesterday. M. in bed with sick headache. Tidied up various rooms upstairs & did the baby's washing for her in the A.M. Went to a rehersal in the aft. & then to tea with [unclear] Crosbie at the Handicrafts Guild. [Rolly?], Misses [unclear] & Mrs (?) were there. I danced for them in my kilt. Allies pressing the Germans back into Belgium.

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