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No. 360 Lemon Cheese cakes.
Boil the rind of a lemon till soft, bruise it in a mortar. melt 1/4 lb butter 1/4 lb white sugar 3 eggs & the juice of a lemon mix all together, bake in puff paste.

No. 361 Apple Cheese Cakes.
apples peeled 4 ozs Sugar 4 ozs Butter 3 ozs the juice & rind of a lemon 4 eggs yolks only. The butter must be melted before you put it to the apple. Bake in puff paste.

No. 362 Stewed Onions
Stew the onions whole put them in a stew pan with a bit of butter as big as a walnut & little pepper & salt. Shake them over the fire till the butter is melted then set them in a trivet to stew fully for 3 hours till quite brown. [ the section is crossed out]

No. 363 Pudding without eggs. Miss Rogers.
Ground rice - Currants - Grated Bread - beef suet chopped very small - of each 1/4 lb. Lay these ingredients in layers in a dish from over it 1 quart milk & sugar to your taste.

No. 364 A Pudding.
Butter beaten to a cream 1/2 lb Flour 3/4 lb. Lump sugar pounded 1/4 lb Currants 6 ozs 3 eggs a little prated lemon peel. first mix your butter, then eggs & sugar then flour & currants

No. 365 Sago pudding.
Mix a tablespoonful of Sage in a pint of milk boil it as you would rice when cold mix 2 eggs well beaten with sugar & nutmeg to taste. bake it 1/2 an hour

No. 366 Fried Pudding. Excellent.
Beef suet 1/4 lb bread grated very small 1/4 lb. Currants as many as you please 4 eggs (whites of 2 only) 4 spoonful Flour a little salt a little grated nutmeg. mix all well together with 1 teaspoonful of orange flower water & 2 of rose & as much milk as will make it a [paper?] consistency. Fry them over a slow fire till they are a light brown.

No. 367. Rice Cake.
Flour 9 ozs Rice 9 ozs Egg 8 loaf sugar 1 lb [?] juice & peel of one lemon.

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