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No. 202 Lavender Water Thomas Myles.
1 quart double distilled Molasses spirit, 1 oz English oil of Lavender, 1 do Rosemary oil, 6º worth ambergrease, rubbed with a lump of double refined sugar ina marble mortar.

No. 203 Liquid Blacking
Ale 1 quart, brown sugar candy 3 ozs, Gum Dragon 1 oz boil all together 10 minutes strain it when cold add 3 ozs Ivory black, mix it well together for use.

No. 204 Rice Cake
5 Eggs leave out 2 of the whites, beat them very well & let them begrated thro' a sieve beat 1/2 lb Butter to a cream then put it in the eggs beat them well put in 3/4 lb ground rice, 1/2 lb loaf sugar sifted very fine a little Rose water to your taste, 1 1/2 hours in a brisk oven will bake it.

No. 205 Cheap Pottage
1 lb lean beef cut into small pieces, 1/2 pint split Peas 2 ozs Rice, 1 1/2 lbs Potatoes peeled & sliced, 2 large onions cut small, grounded Pepper (allspice) & salt to the taste add to these 1 gallon & 1 pint of water bake it 23 hours, or stew it - stew your peas a little first to tender them.

No. 206 Green Peas Soup Mrs. B. Bullock.
Take 3 Silesia or Cabbage Lettuces. 3 cucumbers pared & sliced 3 large onions 1/4 lbs of Butter a pint of young peas, pepper & salt at will, cut the ingredients to a moderate size & stew them till they are tender, boil 3 pints of old peas in 5 pints of water with a large [passoy?] of mint, till quite soft squeeze them thro' a sieve & add the Liquor to the above ingredients & just give it one boil.

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