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No. 368 Scotch Bread Mrs. Matthews
2lb Butter melted without water, keep stirring - not to boil 1/2 lb merit sugar, 1 quater flour, carraway [?] 2 ozs candied orange peel 2 ozs. mix all together put into a slow oven made up with cakes about 1 in. thick.

No. 369 Drop Cakes.
1 lb flour 1/2 lb each of Butter, sugar & currants 2 eggs & half a lemon ppeel cut very fine.

No. 370 Rice Cake
5 eggs (whites of 4 only) well beaten with 6 ozs sugar (or more if you like it swell0 then shake lightly into the eggs & sugar 1/2 lb ground rice & 1/4 lb currants with the peel of a lemon grated very fine. 1/2 an hour or a little more will bake it The rice is much better rolled & sifted thro' a fine sieve.

No 371 Twopenny Pudding
2 teaspoonfulls of flour mix it with a little cold milk then boil 1/2 a pint of milk & put to it hot when a little cold pint in 4 eggs a spoonful of sugar lemon peel & a little salt.

No. 372 Rice Fritters
Boil 1/4 lb Rice in milk till it is pretty tender & thick then mix it with 1 pint of cream 4 eggs some sugar cinnamon & a little salt & as much flour as will make it into a thick butter, fry them in little cakes in boiling lard. Sieve with white sugar & butter.

No. 373 Baked Custards
Boil 1 pt cream 1/2 pt milk with [?], cinnamon & lemon peel. When cold mix the yolks of 3 eggs sweeten & make your cups or paste nearly full bake them 10 minutes. Instead of cream we add a small [?] of butter

No. 374 Batter Pudding.
1 1/2 pts milk 7 small tablespoon flour 3 eggs. This will do to bake apples in or boil other fruit or plain.

No. 375 Jalap Ginger nuts.
Powdered Jalap 3 drachms one [?] 1/2 drachm [?] vermillion 5 [?] oil of carraway 10 drops mix them well together & makes into donuts

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