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Saturday April 3rd Pleasant but windy. Harriet Thompson
called early in the afternoon. The remainder I spent
with Cornelius. Poor little fellow & [and] the constraint of the
sick room is becoming very tiresome to him but he is
very patient. Father took tea in Brooklyn at cousin
Rufus'. Carrie was very glad to see him [Dr?] is better,
but is confined to his bed. Father reached home about
half past ten. [Dr?] brought with him some very interesting
letters from our relatives in [Dr?] ^ [insert] [Dr?] where a powerful
revival is now in progress. Our cousins Arthur Graves
Martha and Edwin Wood are hopefully converted.
I read the letters aloud to Father before retiring.
Sunday[Dr?] Pleasant. Attended our church all day[Dr?] Also S. [Sunday] School
and Communion in the aftenoon. It was a pleasant
day to me, yet sometimes I was very sad I read over
those letters we received last evening and they affected
me much. My heart indeed rejoiced when Henry H. [Hudson]
joined us in celebrating the Lord's supper. He walked
home with me in the afternoon and called for me to
attend Monthly Concert at our church in the evening.
He was very happy the struggle is over; he has conquered
or rather Christ has conquered in him over the dark
temptation that has beset him for weeks past.
Doubtless ill health and bodily weakness have had much
to do with it yet thanks be to him who giveth us this
victory over the diseases of both body and soul. how weak my faith
has been. Oh doubting heart! remember this [Dr?].
Henry came in after evening services and
[Dr?] some [Dr?]. We talked soberly but

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