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[illegible?] [Mary] . was in high spirits. an occurence not unusual
by this day. She staid late near dark and left promising
to return in the evening. At tea time [Phineas Hudson]
called with [Henry's] compliments and regretted that he
would be unable from the effects of a severe cold to
call this evening as he intended. [Joseph] and [Mary]
spent the evening very pleasantly with [Hatty] and I.
About six o'clock P. Me. [Heather] returned from [New York]
with a message from [Cearrie] to [Harriet] saying that she
had taken a violent cold and was confined to her bed
and wished [Harriet] to come over to [Brooklyn] immediately
Accordingly [He.] went directly over
Friday.. Pleasant.. [Cornelius] was better. Mother spent the
day in his room. I staid down stairs alone and
felt quite lonesome. [Hannah Hudson] came to see
me in the afternoon. [Henry] also called and before
he left [Kate] came in. They brought the intelligence
that they were soon to leave us as [Mr Hudson] has
purchased a farm near [Huntingdon] some forty miles
eastward and intendssoon to remove his family
tither. They have been very dear friends of ours for
the last five years and we shall miss them very
much. [Mr ?rocdes] from [Holland], a highly educated and
very pleasant gentleman took tea with us.
[Hatty] spent the night in Brooklyn. Father brought word that
[Carrin??] was better. [??] and [K. Hudson] called again in the evening to inquire
after her health

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