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Monday. Cloudy. [Cornelius] was able to come down stairs
today but is [white?] obliged to keep very quiet. [Mary Reese]
called in the afternoon and after spending an hour or so
at our house we together called on the [Hardon's?].
[Kate] was absent but we saw [Mrs Hudson] and [George]
and made a very pleasant call. It commenced [hailing?]
before we left. [George] and [Mary] accompanied me home
came in and staid awhile and then left together
Both were in high spirits and seemed to enjoy each
others society. [Henry Henderson] spent the evening with me
Of course it passed very pleasantly nothwithstanding for
some time it will be the last. He leaves to-morrow
on a visit to [illegible] [Island] and does not expect to
return till after the family have left [Williamsburgh]
So I shall not see him any more at present on which
account I feel quite sorry ------ no, not exactly sorry either
I shall miss him as a friend and if he misses me at
all I hope it will be in the same way. He bade me
"Good Bye" about eleven o'clock. I then retired. 8 am
Tuesday. Raining. [illegible] announced himself is making paper flowers
which he makes surprisingly well, and were very
much admired by us all. [illegible] most of the day.

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