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The Preface.

for any private advantage to my self what so-
I doubt not but the Reader will be very de-
sirous to know who the Author of these Ex-
cellent Meditations is; and truly I was no less
desirous that he should know it; and that for
no inconsiderable reasons: 1. As it hath al-
ways been one of the most usual and constant
Means and Methods, which Almighty God hath,
in all Ages and Nations, used for the promotion
of the Good of Mankind, to raise up eminent
Examples of Virtue; so he hath been pleased to
make this Author one of them in this Age and
Nation: and because the Efficacy of the Exam-
ples of Virtuous Actions doth no less depend upon
the Principles from whence they proceed, than
doth the intrinsick Virtue and Goodness of the
Actions themselves, the Publication of these
Writings, which so plainly manifest his Princi-
ples, could not but be of great use to render
his Excellent Example the more effectual, and
so become subservient to the Gracious Designs of
the Divine Providence. 2. In like manner
on the other side, the known Worth, and Virtue,
and Learning, and Prudence of the Author,
would certainly have made these his Writings,
how Excellent soever of themselves, yet more
prevalent with many. 3. And because he is
well known to be a person of extraordinary and
admirable sagacity, dexterity, and impartiality

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