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The Preface.

in the search and the discovery of the truth of
matters in question, and hath (though that be
not so generally known) with much care and
diligence, considered and examined the Reasons
and Evidences, both Natural and Moral, of
Religion; these Writings, which so plainly ma-
nifest, though upon another occasion, his Sense
and Judgment of the Christian Religion, might
be of good use to ease many of the doubts and
scruples of some persons, and to check the vain
and inconsiderate presumption of others, about
Religion. And his Judgment in the case is the
more considerable, as in respect of his great
ability, and the care and diligence which he
hath used in the examination of it; so in re-
spect of his freedom from all those things,
whether of Natural constitution, or of profes-
sion, or wordly interest, which may be by some
suspected to prejudice or byass the Judgments
of others. And therefore I doubt not but some,
who have a great respect for his person, and
may perhaps not have the same thoughts of
Religion which he hath, when they should see
his Judgment in the case, might by the Autho-
rity thereof be moved to a further and better
consideration of it. 'Tis true, the life of Re-
ligion is very visible in his Life and Actions,
which are all the genuine product of a sound
and well-grounded perwasion of the Truth of
that Faith, which overcometh the World, and

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