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The Preface.

It remained therefore only to consider how
this might be done, as without Injury in other
respects, so without Offence to the Worthy
Author. And for this, two things did not a little
encourage me. 1. The Honesty of my Design
and Sincerity of my Intentions in it: and 2. The
Candor and Goodness of the Author. His Can-
dor I knew to be such, that I doubted not of a
fair and favourable construction of my Design
and Intentions. And I knew his Goodness,
Affection and Readiness to do Good, to be such,
that he could not but approve my Design, that
is, to do Good; the doing whereof I knew to be
a thing of greater weight with him than all his
reasons against the Publication: And that much
good may be done by the publication of these
writings, I could assure him upon my own expe-
rience of the effects I had seen already produced
by them in Manuscript. All which, when he
should consider, I was persuaded, though per-
haps he might at first be a little surprised with
the unexpected publication of them, yet he could
not be much offended at it. And then if I
could publish them without either Injury or Of-
fence to him, I reckoned it all one in effect as if
I had had his consent before to it. And hereupon
I resolved at last upon it; and upon these con-
siderations have made thus bold with this excel-
lent person and my very good friend for th
Good of others, which I should not have done

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