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The Preface.

observe the worth and excellence of their Au-
thor, especially considering in what manner they
were written, than in his more elaborate
Works: and being written and published in thi
manner they do more evidently demonstrate the
reality of his Honest, Virtuous, and Pious Prin-
ciples, than had they been designed to be pub-
lished, and been published by himself; which
perhaps may render them not less acceptable to
some Readers not of the lower rank.

So that considering the Writings themselves
I could not think that there was any thin
therin, whether of matter or form, which could
render the publication of them injurious or
prejudicial to the Author in the least in any
of the respects afore mentioned. Yet notwith-
standing for the greater security I thought it
might be fit, and but just to give this true and
ingenuous account both of the occasion and man-
ner of his writing, and of the publication of
of [sic] them without his privity or knowledge. And
this I conceived might be a just and sufficient
means to secure the Author against all exce-
ptions, as that which would wholly acquit him
in the judgment of all reasonable men, and
transferr [sic] the blame, if any should be, to my self,
which yet was no more than what I must have
resolved to have undergone had they been my
own Writings which I had published.


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