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of most weight and moment in the Life of Man,
and of greatest concernment; as in Nature those
things, which are of greatest use and concern-
ment, are most common. But the matter of
his Meditations upon these subjects is not com-
mon: For as he is a man that Thinks closely
and deeply of things, not after a common rate,
so his Writings, his most ex tempore Writings,
have a certain Genius and Energie in them
much above the common rate of Writers. And
though these were written ex tempore, and
in such manner as hath been said before, yet
the matter of them is for the most such, as
he had before well digested, and, as a Scribe
instructed to the Kingdom of Heaven, had
treasured up in his heart, and out of this good
treasure of his heart and the abundance of it
he produceth these good things; things which
he looked upon as of greatest concern, and most
worth his serious consideration, and had ac-
cordingly weighed and considered. And for the
Stile, it is suitable to the Matter, Significant,
Perspicuous and Manly; his Words are Spirit
and Life, and carry Evidence and Demonstration
with them, Moral and Experimental Demon-
stration: Vox non ex ore, sed ex pectore
emissa. And if we take these Writings all
together, and weigh them duly and candidly,
without any vain humour of critical and pe-
dantick censoriousness, we may therein no less

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