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he intended in them, unless moreover to com-
municate them to his Children or some particu-
lar Friends in private upon occasion: but for
publishing them, certainly he had not the least
thoughts of any such thing; much less hath he
revised them for that purpose, nor so much as
read over some of them since he wrote them;
nor indeed so much as finished some of them.
Nay so far was he from any thoughts of pub-
lishing them, that when he was importuned
but to give his consent to the publication of
them, he could not be prevailed with to do it.
And therefore that they are now published, the
Reader must know that they are published not
only in their native and primogenial simplicity,
but without so much as the Author's privity
to it.
And thus much I thought my self obliged even
in justice to the Author to acquaint the Reader
with, and ingenuously to acknowledge, and
take upon my self the fault; if anything less per-
fect and compleat, or any wise liable to ex-
ception shall appear in these Papers, seeing they
were neither written with any intention to be
published, nor revised by the Author, nor are
published with his knowledge.
But this again on the other side obligeth me
to render some Account of my doing herein.
I confess I approve not the thing in general,
that is, the publication of another's Writings

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