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without his consent or privity; but yet I know
very well that those things which in the general
are for the most part unlawful, may yet be so
circumstantiated in a particular case, as that
they may become not only lawful, but very com-
mendable to be done in that case: and such a
special case I take this to be. And though I
think my self accountable to the Author chiefly,
if not to him alone, for what I have done in this
case, yet some account thereof I shall give to
the Reader, so far at least as concerneth these
Writings, or is necessary for him to be ac-
quainted with.
When I first met with some of these Writings
and obtained the perusal of them, I thought
them well worth my pains to transcribe: which
I did partly for my own use; and partly, seeing
them written in loose and scattered papers, to
preserve them from that danger of perishing,
from which I conceived the Author's larger and
more compleat Works to be more safe and secure.
And having collected a pretty considerable stock
of them, I communicated some of them, as I
saw occasion to some friends, some of them per-
sons of good judgment and learning, who very
much commended the same: and scarce any
that saw them, but said 'twas great pity but
they should be printed. But besides the Appro-
bation of them by all to whom I did communi-
cate them, I perceived that they had a real

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