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The Author of these Writings is a person of great Learning, great Judgment and Wisdom, and of great Virtue and Piety. He hath written divers learned and compleat Works upon other subjects; but for these Writings here published, they were written, as were also many others of the like nature, ex tempore, and upon this Occasion: "It hath been his
"custom for many years, every Lord's Day in
"the afternoon after Evening Sermon (between
"that and Supper-time) to employ his thoughts
"upon several subjects of Divine Contempla-
"tions; and as things came into his thoughts,
"so he put them into writing; which he did
"for these two Reasons: 1. That he might
"the more fix his thoughts, and keep them
"from diversion and wandering. 2. That
"they might remain, and not be lost by for-
"getfulness or other interventions.
And as this was the occasion and manner of
his writing them, so this doubtless was all that

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