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Status: Complete

Pour this Liquor upon a
pure cake of [?] Luna Cornea or [?] of [?]
[?] or Silver ore or [?] Ore [?] a Finger high
or more & stop the Glass lightly, & set it in
the Sun or Heat equal to it. for 1 Month
& you will be surprised at the Effect.
Let this Liquor evaporate till
the [?] is dry - pour on fresh - digest as
before, & again draw it off & in a Month
[?] of pure [?] will have gained [?] & certain

2nd This Process may be done with
Rx [?] [?] it with Charcoal
Dust by Projection as usual Rx of this [?]
[?] When it is in Flux project [?] of
Powder of Flints, let them flow well,
when cold break the Crucible, & powder

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"Luna cornea" is known as horn silver, or fused silver chloride.