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the Matter grossly, & proceed as on the
former Experiment
3. The same with [?]
Rx [?] dessolve it in [?] [?]
& evaporate to dryness. let this run
[?] to a gold Coloured Liquor evaporate
this Liquor to a Pellicle & let it crystal
lise. To [?] of this [?] put [?] of fine
Powder of Flints. mety them as in the
preceeding Processes, & proceed as before
4. The same may be done
with Salt of Pot Ash.
It is very well known,
that all the Salts {underscore} when they have lost
their volatile Spirits {underscore} by the Fire {underscore} are
reduced to a melting Finely. by wch

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