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[64] 3.
14, Very rainy day-T.Bramham could not work here & went to Midland to make a box of the Oak plank, did not finish it.
15, Fine morning-J. Pendleton went with me to C.Taylors, Mr.E.Taylor, John Taylor & wife & Capt Burnley & his wife dined there-
16, Tho's Green delivered a Letterto the Clerk & another to the Sh'f of Orange for which I gave receipt for James Taylor. I went to Court house- Got a paper with 5 window bolts & 6 Hat hooks from Mr.Shepherds-they were brought from D.Blairs by Griffey- Took a loaf [8 1/2?] lb Sugar of F.Madisons. Bought of Majr Lee, 2doz Q's China plates for 7/- paid for them and 2/6 for 2 quarts rum had some days ago. J .Scott came home from Fox hunting with J.Pendleton. Sent Frank to H.Taylors with books, I had borrowed & a letter for G.Taylor to go by Absalom tomorrow. Absalom brought 1 doz chairs, some pewter Pots &c from H.Taylors, and loaded at Jos Clarks w'th Tobacco.
17, J .Scott & J .Pendleton went Fox hunting-Sent Frank to the Store for the Plates, bought yesterday, which he car'd to Midland-Mrs.James came here in the evening-James Taylor, his son James & Mary Taylor got home from Caroline. Aunt Thomas came with them- Miss Sally Madison & Miss Jenny Taylor went to Uncle Taylors- The weather turned warm since morning, heard frogs. Ch's Taylors daughter Molly scalded her hand, he sent to get Linseed oil to Midland.
[Note- Sarah Madison, sister of the President was b. Aug.17, 1764-m.1790, Thomas Macon- Jane Taylor, dau. of Erasmus, was b.Mar 2, 1766, [?]. Jan.13, 1849- m. May 11, 1793, Charles Pitt Howard.- P.F.T.]
18, Weather mild- Aunt Thomas went to uncle Taylors- Hub'd Taylor & Reuben Taylor dined here- J.Pendleton set off to Culpeper after dinner. Mrs James went home.
19, Frank sick, gave him a dose of Salts. Went to store, Frank brot Loar Sugar & Kn & forks to Midland. Jno Taylor & wife came from Col Madisons- Dined at Uncle Taylors, Aunt Thomas &c. Weather fine-some clouds.
20, J .Taylors cart went to Walkers Saw mill and brought 208 feet plank for G.Taylor I went with E.Pendleton & M.Taylor to Uncle Taylors, Rob't Taylor & Hardin Burnley came from Culp'r Court and Capt Burnley dined there, I staid till the next evening- Jno Taylor & wife & Aunt Thomas were there- the weather cool & clear. Js Taylors old porch pulled down & new one put up.
21, At Uncle Taylors, same company as yesterday except E.Pendleton & M.Taylor- J.Pendleton came from Culpeper at night-
22, Went to Court- Settled with J.Walker his account for Plank &c- Catlett Conway p'd him £4.10.0 which was the full of Walker's acco't ag't G.T.- Paid Capt. Herndon 24/- for 2 pair shoes he had made for me & del'd this day- T.Barbour jr. came to J.Taylors[ Catlett Conway m. Harriet, dau. of Dr.Chas Taylor, & Thos Barbour jr., m. Mary, dau of James Taylor- nieces of the diarist, W.K.AA.]
23, Snowed at day-& con'td till 12 o'clock, not much. I went to Court. Dined at Hansford's, came at night to uncle Taylors with H.Burnley, W.Madison & Rob't Taylor[ son of Erasmus- a lawyer- m.Miss(Frances) Pendleton- W.K.A.]
24, Rob't Taylor set off to Caroline- Jno Taylor & wife set off to Rockingham, H.Burnley went to Haley's I came to J.Taylors ab't 9 o'clock- Hubbard Taylor's waggon with several negroes and several trifling things for my father got up to Midland- 4 old plates missing- Went in the evening to an oyster supper at Hansford's, Col.Madison, Uncle Taylor and about 20 in Company, the Club 4/6 staid till about 12 o'clock.
25, [Sunday] Went to Church, Mr.Waddil preached, the weather fine.
26, Rained in the morning, Sent Frank to Mr.Shepherds & got 6 Quire brown paper w'ch his waggon brought up from Blair's- J.Pendleton & F.T. went to Ch's Taylors. Capt
.Burnley, Misses Judy & Polly Burnley & Miss Sally Madison , dined there- Ch's Taylor was sent for by Mrs Conway & set off in the evening- Got some Clay drawn up by the cart to cram kitchen. Jos Clark went rolling.
From the Taylor Diary, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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