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for consternation & tremor takes hiold of both king & courtiers
- as soon as the mystic hand appeared on the wall- the {?}
consequences of sin had overtaken them & they stood {?} {?}
in every nerve & muscle as they gazed upon
the heroic Jewish boy who read with unfaltering{?}-
mene mene tekel uphousin- "weighed in the balance & found wanting."
The rest is a matter of history- for that fame night the {?}
was invited by the {medes?} & in the midst of pomp & brillancy,
defeat & death put an end to all. Yes conscience
while it suddenly gave a ghastly ashen hue to the
face of the kind of Babylon. It made Daniel's face
luminous as it has the faces of Moses, {Akira?}, Isaiah
and a grand galaxy of other moral giants - their lives
though fearfully strenuous & embittered by many a trying
circumstance were rendered happy through an inward & deep
satisfaction devoid from the fact that they were
true to themselves in their highest moods. Open all the
master books & they portray the same truths. The masterpieces
of Aeschylus. & Dante & {Mellin?} of {Eoether?} & Bryen are all
studies of the soul's oracle, which disobeys {?} man into

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