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the abyss or followed becomes wings lifting him to the stars.
Never has there been a time when conscience the judge has
praised even a David when sinning against what he believes to be the
law of [?] , never once has it condemned a Daniel for
doing what he believes to be right. In this sense conscience is
[?] infallible, is the very voice & and [?] of god & his crowing
gift to man. Then as we pray to God this evening calling him
from out of the depths let us not make what man prove to be a
fatal mistake of disregarding this infallible voice, the only voice that is
infallible - as in the stillness of the night she whispers her precious
words of secret warning. Let ou ears be willing to hear these tappings
of the heart painful though they may be. Let us be willing [?] eager to
pour out our souls in silent confession before God's throne- may
our sins be pardoned & our inquities forgiven
& may the coming year find us
morally regenerated true to ourselves. Loyal to the
beautiful faith of our fathers. Out of the
depths I call to thee O God & pray that in the
devine judgment of ourselves- we may not be found

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