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they have portrayed & analysed the essential facts of man's
moral life. That which Shakespeare teaches us in Macbeth
Victor Hugo teaches us in "Les Miserables" which exhibits Happiness
& character as the fruits of obedience to the soul's inner
promptings. In everythingwe do we need the approbation of
conscience for from the approbation of conscience comes self-
respect from a disregard of it comes self-contempt. Ours
is a workd friends in which nature & God cannot afford to
permit sin to prosper. Conscience {,?} God's shining light made
Daniel's face luminous as he fearlessly read and interpreted
the fateful words of mystery written on the wall- warning
the king as he sat staring aghast at the handwriting
of his impending doom. In the midst of the light &
laughter. the music & merriment. when the revelry &
drunken debauchery was at it's height & the {noble?}
coutiers & king had abandoned themselves to their
licentious practices- the king ordered the
sacred vessels taken from the temple to be used for the
most profane purposes. Indeed it seems as if cause
& effect has favored each other in quick succession

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