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July 5th
Mary Brown.

Friday 6th
Ladies General Com'e
Matron is ill, obliged to go to bed immediately
after the ladies left.

Monday 9th
Was enabled to recommence duties
this morn'g for my recovery I feel truly
thankful to "our Father" in heaven.

Tuesday 10th
Sharlotte Perry is relapsing into her
impudent conduct. speaking
rudely to both Miss Galbraith and Miss Wright
Matron reprimanded her and she
promised to be a better girl for the future
her promises, however, are often made only
to be broken.

Wednesday 19th
Wrote to the Mayor stating
that our water supply was very little
better since the repairs, and that the
flag [?] was closed [underlined] crooked [end underlined] and
[underlined] insecure [end underlined] and enquiring upon his worship
to send men at once, to put these
things to rights.

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