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July 12th
sent a note to Capt. Mc Larie
requesting permission for our
messenger to examine the ground at the back of
our kitchen, to ascertain what caused the damp
in the wall - the cap't was not in.

Friday 13th
Cap't Mc L sent word that we were
"welcome to look round" - Mr. Roberts went
and found a well 80 feet deep, close to our
kitchen wall.

Saturday 14th
These last three days being so wet
has thrown us back with the washing.
If it were possible to get a drying room,
[underlined] heated by steam [end underlined], what a comfort and convenience it would be.

no minister this morn'g Rev'd Gaud, preach'd
in the afternoon. A Bible class with the
Matron at 7 oclk. all the inmates in
attendance, and in tolerably good health.

Sarah Booth (now 'Mrs White")
called this morn'g, she brought a
large, paper bag full of dried herbs, and
chillies, a handkerchief ful lof shallots &
parsley, a little book and some cake
for Mary Brown, she was intending to call
upon Rev'd Bidall to tell him what good she
got whilst in the Refuge - she also brought two
little anti macassar's a present to Matron

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An antimacassar is a cloth cover to go over the arms of chairs to keep them clean.