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20 (The Cedars con)

Helen S. Stabler asked for information
with regard to the suction cleaner, as yet
no very good, inexpensive one seems to have
been put on the market. The “O-Cedar Mop”
was praised. The best floor oil was said to be
made of turpentine and parafine oil in
equal parts, - a floor oiler was recommended
as a great help in saving time and strength
and it is inexpensive.

Eliz. T. Stabler gave “Ten Commandments for
the Good Housekeeper”.

#1 “Thou shalt have no greater love than thy household.”
#2 “Thou shalt not make graven images of the way other women live.”
#3 “Thou shalt not use thy husband’s money in vain.”
#4 “Remember the Sabbath Day is a rest day for thy household.”
#5 “Honor thy labor and love it and thus make the cooks return
from wandering and the domestic service cease.”
#6 Thou shalt not kill thy family with rich cooking.”
#7 “Thou shalt not permit rich adulteration.”
#8 “Thou shalt not steal thy neighbor’s cook.”
#9 “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy
neighbor’s house-keeping.”
#10 “Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor’s,
but live thine own honorable life without
ostentation and with Simplicity. Thou shalt then
become a joy and a delight to thy people, and a
house-keeper who need not be ashamed.”

From Good Housekeeping, Mar. 1913.

Sarah T. Miller gave first a letter from The
Florence Crittenden Home asking for contributions,
and secondly an amusing parody on “Annabel
Lee”, – “The Cannibal Flea.”

Eliz. Iddings had a curious division of life
by Lord Kuntsford a grandson of Sydney Smith.

He said if one lived to be 72, as he had done,
27 yrs. would have been passed in sleeping,
9 yrs. in eating, the same at dressing, and
in walking, drawing and visiting, - 6 yrs. in shopping
6 in playing with children, and 3 yrs. in quarreling.”

Rebecca T. Miller told of the satisfaction
they have at Mt. Airy in a wild-flower border
around their porch.

Corrie M. Brooke gave from “The Outlook”

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