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(the Cedars con) 21

a paper by Lyman Abbott upon the wisdom
and expediency of telling the truth to children
whose spiritual progress is not helped by
a false reverence.

Mary E. Thomas brought a laughable criticism
of the Futurist Pictures, so far very few
critics have been able to find either the
“nude” or the “Staircase” in the extraordinary
jumble of lines supposed to represent
both. Martha Holland had a very bright
article “The Agony of Indecision”. Those who pause
to view all side of such questions “Shall I
have shad or lamb for dinner on Sunday?
Shall I put green matting or denim on the
bed room floor?” waste far too much energy
for naught. Mental firmness should be
acquired, bring up the arguments and make
a choice, then stick to it. If the matter is
of great importance take a pencil and paper
and write down the “pros and cons”, sum up
the evidence and act accordingly. Whenever
you feel an impulse to return to the valley of
despondency by the way of “it might have
been” just repeat the following classic verse, -

“The cow is in the hammock
The calf is in the lake,
The baby’s in the garbage pail,
What difference does it make?”

Fanny B. Snowden brought a very old-fashioned
letter indeed, written 100 yrs. ago, and Ellen Stabler
two selections from her scrapbook. Albina
O. Stabler gave “Wanted Domestic Science”, from
a “Young Ladies Reader” of 1845, which declared
that the best kind of polish to acquire was the
kind that brightened up the dark side of life.

Emilie T. Massey had a poem by the “Bentztown
Bard” on “Beginning Again”, a greater effort
often than the original act.

The Secy. read from “The N. Y. Journal” an answer
to the sarcastic inquiry of a man who wished to be
told what he ought to wear in a Suffrage Parade.
Among the suggestions were a fat baby! a clothes basket
of wet clothes, or a pail of hot water and a scrubbing
brush, the latter to be set down every few feet, and

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