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(The Cedars, con) 19

regard to transplanting a Dentzio brought out
the information that it could be safely moved
at this season.

Estelle T. Moore told us the banana is supposed
by some students of ancient lore to be
the virginal forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden.

Sarah T. Miller amused us by recounting
a banana story. A German girl who lived at
Mt. Airy had never seen the article and when
a fellow domestic tossed one in her room, she
shreiked with terror thinking it was a big
American worm.

Sarah E. Kirk read “From Day to Day”;
A little sick child was cheered and aided to
health by the gift of a window-box of growing
plants. Harriet I. Lea’s selection was entitled
“A Recollection of Lucretia Mott”, who as a
small girl would slip in the parlor, while
“Company” was eating supper, and arrange the
chairs in a half circle around the fire as her
mother had seen done in her youth; - a Nantucket
custom. Eliza N. Moore spoke of
visiting at the delightful home of the Motts,
“Roadside”, near Germantown, Pa. An extract
from verses, written by one of Lucretia’s relatives
when the Phila home was given up, were
also contributed. –

“Who constantly will ring the bell
And ask if they will please to tell
Where Mrs. Mott has gone to dwell?

The beggars.

Who never, never, nevermore
Will see the lions at the door
That they’ve so often seen before?
The neighbors.

And who will miss for months at least
This place of rest for man an beast
From North & South & West & East?

Mary E. Gilpin informed us there had
been a remarkable archeological discovery in
Egypt and a series of fine Carvings, a Roman bath,
mummies, fish-hooks and mosaics were un-earthed.

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