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200 H/5/1888 -2-
members responded to the proposition
John Bentley will try burning sulphur
under the trees. Roger Farquhar will
try shaking the trees. Mary B Thomas
will try driving nails in the tree. Dr
Charles Farquhar, Paris green, Frances
Stabler a wash of wormwood and Eliza
Brooke Helebore, Eliza Moore proposes to
go around and sample the fruit &
Edward Lea would like to be her
driver, Committee on bees and grapes
continued. Frances Stabler reports that
that cucumbers and watermelons did
not mix in her garden.

The vote was taken as to an Exhi
-bition and resulted in 26 for to 8
against having it.

The readers, 1st Frank Hallowell was
absent and appointed a substitute
2nd Mary E. Gilpin read "How to raise
Chrysanthemums for the house." The
Secretary volunteered, an article, "A cheap
farm Paint" Water lime (hydaurlic cement)
and sweet skimmed milk -- and some
minor uses for cement, and by request
of F. D. Stabler Sec read a bushel of timidity. Read
-ers for next meeting Charles A. Iddings
and Janet Miiller

Absent from this meeting Longwood
and White Hall

The Poultry report

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