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H/5/1888 -3- 201
Brooke Grove 18 chickens, ducks, geese
Falling Green 60 chickens
Rock Spring 50 chickens, 11 ducks, 8 geese
Avalon 40 chickens,
Rockland 94 chickens
Riverside 25 chickens
Alloway 77 chickens
Norwood 30 chickens
Hermon 110 chickens
Edgewood 18 chickens
Sharon 13 chickens

1st What causes a seemingly healthy pear tree to
die at the root? Cause unknown
2 What the most approved plan for a
strawberry bed, of not too late to plant
Rows 3 feet apart to cultivate with a
horse, 18 inches in the row. That cul
ture preferred and not too late
3 How many plants for a moderate fami
ly? Olney wants 1,000
4 Is it too late to plant set out aspara
gus? not too late, plough deeply &
thoroughly, make rich run a furrow
place the plants and throw another
furrow on making them about 6
inches deep.
5 Which is preferable for peas? Sticking
or using strings? A few liked sticks,
more preferred puting stakes 6 feet a
part and using strings

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